Aspen Village/Pine Ridge Apartment Apartments
Walk-time: 31 min
Drive-time: 5 min
1.23 Miles North of Campus

Pullman WA
31 min Walk
1.23 mi North of WSU

Your next place could be Aspen Village/Pine Ridge Apartment; a superior residence located in Pullman. Well maintained student-focused apartments and professional, friendly staff.

Please check our office hours and stop by for more information.  

Updated: 2 Mar 2018

Mon-: 9am-12pm, Mon: 1pm-5pm, Tue: 9am-12pm, Tue: 1pm-5pm, Wed: 9am-12pm, Wed: 1pm-5pm, Thur: 9am-12pm, Thur: 1pm-5pm, Fri: 9am-12pm, Fri: 1pm-5pm
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