Unit Amenities
  • Offers comfortable
Walk-time: 31 min
Drive-time: 8 min
1.26 Miles East of Campus

Madison WI
31 min Walk
1.26 mi East of WISC

Discover your new place at Hershleder Security, a amazing place to live in Madison. Well maintained Apartments that are focused on student life.

Get fit 2 blocks away at Capital Fitness. Give us a call to find the right unit for you. We'd like to welcome our new residents.. And to thank our existing residents who.. Hershleder Security Apartments offers comfortable, affordable living in an attractive building, with a great many amenities.. We're conveniently located five blocks from the state capital, as well as just minutes from the University of Wisconsin, MATC, the Overture Center for the Arts, and all the shops, restaurants and nightclubs on State Street.. 

Updated: 7 Apr 2018

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  • Capital Fitness (796 ft)
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