Community Features
  • You are looking for Trailwood Apartments.
  • As well as free parking. No pets allowed.
Walk-time: 24 min
Drive-time: 7 min
1.07 Miles North of Campus

Seattle WA
24 min Walk
1.07 mi North of UW

Welcome to Trailwood, your place for great atmosphere. We provide some of the best college living there is.

There are a least a few restaurants very nearby; the nearest is Jamba Juice University Village. We would be happy to answer your questions via phone. Thank you. MAINTENANCE REQUEST.. Spacious, Quiet, Private Apartments/h1 .. If you are looking for a quality apartment home that is in a terrific location you are looking for Trailwood Apartments.. Located on the Burke Gilman trail just minutes from the UW and University Village.. 

Updated: 9 Apr 2018

Close By Places   Map ›
  • Jamba Juice University Village (1219 ft)
  • McDonald's (1256 ft)
  • Veggie Grill (1288 ft)
  • RAM Restaurant & Brewery (1304 ft)
  • SUBWAY®Restaurants (1308 ft)
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