Community Features
  • To the major is centrally
  • .travel from one garden to another freely
Walk-time: 19 min
Drive-time: 14 min
2.96 Miles South of Campus

San Jose CA
200 Units
19 min Walk
2.96 mi South of SJSU

Welcome to Corde Terra, a ideal Apartments community. Living in this beautiful community provides everything you want right at home.

Our office staff will be happy to answer your questions. Common open space and site amenities are networked to allow users to experience strong neighborhood bonds and rich street activities at pedestrian levels.. The neighborhoods are connected through an elegantly landscaped residential drive, which has minimal intrusion to the major courtyards.. The recreation building is centrally located within the site, allowing convenient access from all neighborhoods.. All the common open spaces are linked up through an infrastructure of landscaped walks.. Residents are encouraged to travel from one garden to another freely, thus fostering social interaction.. At the project s entry points, radiating view corridors are established to maximize the perception of openness across the entire site.. The view corridors also provide easy way finding for the residents.. 

Updated: 17 Apr 2018

Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm
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