Community Features
  • Disability
Unit Amenities
  • Nfurnished—for short visits
Walk-time: 10 min
Drive-time: 6 min
.39 Miles North of Campus

San Francisco CA
10 min Walk
.39 mi North of SFSU
1B 1B
2B 1B

Come live at 737 PINE Apartment, the most wonderful Apartments in San Francisco. Well maintained student-focused apartments and professional, friendly staff.

Get groceries <1 blocks away at J & W Market. We are also located right near Bush & Stockton St Coin Laundry. We are also located right near Self-Service Laundromat. Within walking distance 2 blocks directly northeast of EF St.Charles. Within walking distance 2 blocks directly east of Two Seams. Lots of eating options nearby; the closest being Sabra Grill Restaurant. Phone us for more info on rates and dates. Right at Home.. Whether you re new to the area or a born and bred local, we offer apartments both furnished and unfurnished for short visits or forever.. Let us help you find the perfect neighborhood and home for you.. One application hundreds of apartments to choose from.. Find us at 724 Pine Street in San Francisco, just a few blocks from our old location.. Welcome to your chic city crash pad at the top of the world.. 

Updated: 9 Apr 2018

Floorplans Sqft Info F/Sp Su Yr
1 Bed  1 Bath
2 Bed  1 Bath
4 Bed  1 Bath
6 Bed  1 Bath
9 Bed  1 Bath
1 Bed  2 Bath
2 Bed  2 Bath
5 Bed  2 Bath
Close By Places   Map ›
  • J & W Market (98 ft)
  • Two Seams (550 ft)
  • EF St.Charles (605 ft)
  • Sabra Grill Restaurant (555 ft)
  • OneUP Restaurant and Lounge (618 ft)
  • Mikaku Restaurant (675 ft)
  • Campton Place (706 ft)
  • Scala's Bistro (762 ft)
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