Walk-time: 13 min
Drive-time: 4 min
.5 Miles East of Campus

Corvallis OR
13 min Walk
.5 mi East of OREGONSTATE

Welcome to Park Plaza, your place for fun. We provide some of the best college living there is.

Local food grocer 2 blocks away at Sinbad Market. Find your fitness 3 blocks away at Light Box Yoga Studio. Get a workout 3 blocks away at EcoFusion Fitness. Get a workout 2 blocks away at Yoga with Lori Gholson. Within walking distance 2 blocks directly southeast of Varsity House, Corvallis. Lots of eating options nearby; the closest being Bananas Ranas Cafe. Come and see this place for yourself.  

Updated: 22 Aug 2012

Close By Places   Map ›
  • Sinbad Market (770 ft)
  • Yoga with Lori Gholson (775 ft)
  • Light Box Yoga Studio (906 ft)
  • EcoFusion Fitness (913 ft)
  • Varsity House, Corvallis (519 ft)
  • Bananas Ranas Cafe (930 ft)
  • Castor (964 ft)
  • Rigoberto's (1019 ft)
  • Early bird kitchen (1108 ft)
  • Burger King (1154 ft)
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