Unit Amenities
  • Independently.46-unit scattered
Walk-time: 22 min
Drive-time: 5 min
.79 Miles South of Campus

Shawnee OK
22 min Walk
.79 mi South of OKBU

Your next place could be Legacy Park; a energizing residence located in Shawnee. We give you the very best college living there is.

Get groceries 2 blocks away at Homeland. Workout 2 blocks away at Planet Fitness. Workout 3 blocks away at Crossfit SDG. We would be happy to answer your questions via phone. Thank you. 48 unit community for seniors living independently.. 46 unit scattered family community.. Legacy Park is a beautifully landscaped 60 unit single family home for seniors living independently.. Each single story home features front porch seating, and has easy access to restaurants and a grocery store.. Located at:.. 

Updated: 8 Apr 2018

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  • Homeland (551 ft)
  • Planet Fitness (558 ft)
  • Crossfit SDG (872 ft)
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