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  • .ss to easy shopping and the Newport
Walk-time: 54 min
Drive-time: 24 min
2.54 Miles West of Campus

Jersey City NJ
54 min Walk
2.54 mi West of NYU

Your next place could be Essex Commons; a exceptional residence located in Jersey City. We don't just rent Apartments; we provide a better living experience.

Phone us for more info on rates and dates. Affordable Luxury at the Jersey City Waterfront .. Located at the heart of Jersey City s most prestigious Paulus Hook neighborhood, Essex Commons rental units offer luxury, affordability, and great accessibility to midtown, as well as downtown Manhattan.. Location , location, location, Essex Commons is located a short walking distance from the New York ferry and the path rail.. It offers a unique neighborhood with tree lined brown stones and old world charm mixed with modern day restaurants and taverns.. A short walk from our building will take you to the light rail station offering access to easy shopping and the Newport Mall.. Luxury,affordability, accessibility, location and great service that what Essex Commons has to offer.. 

Updated: 7 Apr 2018

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