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Come live at My Harvard Aparment, your place for perfect fun. You can find it all at My Harvard Aparment Apartments. Walk to campus from your conveniently located apartments.

Phone us for more info. We offer creative, customized solutions for individuals moving to Boston, corporations, relocation management companies, and referral customers.. Our experience is extensive.. We not only have expertise in moving clients to Boston, but have also successfully moved entire divisions of companies from overseas.. Our relocation specialists can tell you everything you need to know about moving to Boston from renting apartments, to buying luxury condos, nding the right neighborhood, and choosing moving services.. These include step by step guides and FAQs designed to help you with your move.. One on one contact with a Harvard relocation specialist who will be available to answer any questions you may have about buying and renting, neighborhoods, local resources, moving tips, where to stay when you are in town, and just about anything else you need to know.. Quality Referrals and recommendations for nearly every aspect of your move from moving companies, to rental furniture companies, and more!.. We educate our clients prior to and during the relocation process, which allows them to focus more time on evaluating a manageable number of quality homes instead of spending misguided hours searching and sifting through countless options.. Our Technological services has been improved vastly.. Come Experience the real life situations of saving life.. Excellent Support.. 

Updated: 8 Apr 2018

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