Community Features
  • .endless dining and entertainment options
Unit Amenities
  • Ovation.801.742.Encore 489 East 400
Walk-time: 41 min
Drive-time: 9 min
1.43 Miles East of Campus

Salt Lake City UT
41 min Walk
1.43 mi East of LDSBC

Welcome to Encore, a superior place to live in Salt Lake City. Living in this wonderful community provides everything you want right at home.

Get groceries 2 blocks away at Smith's Marketplace. Come and stop by our office, let us show you around. RESIDENTS.. URBAN LUXURY APARTMENTS IN DOWNTOWN SALT LAKE CITY.. Welcome to the height of luxurious city living, where every detail is sleek, chic and classic SLC.. Whether you re looking for endless dining and entertainment options, or iconic architecture and flawless amenities, our community offers a front row seat to a life in motion.. Vibrant, beautiful and fully equipped for seamless access to everything you need this is downtown living worthy of a standing ovation.. 

Updated: 7 Apr 2018

Close By Places   Map ›
  • Smith's Marketplace (772 ft)
  • Cafe Rio Mexican Grill (490 ft)
  • A&W (585 ft)
  • KFC (586 ft)
  • Su Casa Mexican Restaurant (660 ft)
  • Wendy's (697 ft)
Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 10am-5pm
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