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Unit Amenities
  • 246 S 1st W
  • Remodeling your kitchen
  • 350 W 5th S
Walk-time: 17 min
Drive-time: 6 min
.63 Miles West of Campus

Rexburg ID
17 min Walk
.63 mi West of BYUI

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Whole Family Approach to Economic Mobility from Poverty (Whole Family Approach LCG):Enhancing knowledge about two generation approaches and considering new practices to meet the needs of parents and children together, so that outcomes are enhanced for parents, children, and families as a whole.

Decreasing Family Homelessness: Increasing affordable housing in safe neighborhoods and expanding shelter supports, emphasizing systems level transformation and policymaking to maximize statewide outcomes.

Offering support for implementing new ideas, unmet needs, new organizational goals, or proving that a strategy works.

Community Action Financial Institute (CAFI) is an affiliate of the Community Action Partnership, and was created to: provide financing solutions to CAAs, their affiliates, state CAA associations, and Community Development Corporations that build affordable housing, create jobs and wealthin particular, for lowincome and lowwealth familiesand to provide high quality service to organizations that build on the communitys assets.


Updated: 16 Mar 2018

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