Community Features
  • Guy / girl at the grill in your building
  • Guy / girl at the grill in your building
Unit Amenities
  • microwaves
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Dishwashers and microwaves are
  • Areas with all kitchen amenities
  • Island and granite countertops can make a kitchen
  • The apartment kitchen has an island
  • All beds
  • A suitable living environment
  • To the need for potable water
  • 2 Beds$1
  • 2 Beds$1
  • 2 Beds$1
  • Need to be comfortable
Walk-time: 28 min
Drive-time: 6 min
1.06 Miles South of Campus

Provo UT
3 Units
28 min Walk
1.06 mi South of BYU
1B B $1270
1B B $5952

The infographic has been updated to list metro areas with all kitchen amenities. An earlier version of the infographic listed metro areas with stainless steel appliances, or dishwashers, or microwaves, or island kitchens.

Stainless steel appliances, dishwashers and microwaves are important, but extra amenities like a kitchen island and granite countertops can make a kitchen more useful and elegant.

Housing rehabilitation, land acquisition to support new housing construction, and under limited circumstances, new housing construction.

CDBG funds are allocated to states, counties and cities on a formula basis. If you are an interested citizen, contact your local municipal or county officials for more information. It is possible that you live in a jurisdiction or area that is a direct or indirect grantee. You will find grantee contact information in the About Grantees section of the HUD Exchange.

CDBG Program Colonias Set Aside requires the border states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas to set aside a percentage of their annual State CDBG allocations for use in the Colonia to help meet the needs of the Colonias residents in relationship to the need for potable water, adequate sewer systems, or decent, safe and sanitary housing.

The Office of Block Grant Assistance administers funds allocated to State and local governments to address locally identified community development needs.

When it comes to the best apartment amenities, whats popular in 2017 may surprise you. According to Apartment Guide research, many of those searching for an apartment tend to focus on individual apartment features rather than community features. However, many apartment hunters weigh community features at approximately the same level of importance as how many bedrooms theyre looking for, so community features matter.

A gym is a great perk of apartment living, adding to your quality of life in more than one way. But your gym etiquette (or lack thereof) could make the wrong impression, turning off neighbors, potential friends and even management. Here are some tips so you make a good impression in your apartment community's fitness center.

While youre meeting new neighbors at the grill, you certainly dont want to do anything to tarnish your reputation or become known as the bad guy / girl at the grill in your building. Here are a few guidelines to common courtesy at your apartment communitys common grill.

There's a misconception that handicap accessibility for apartments is related to ADA compliance, which it's not. Federal laws related to accessibility requirements DO apply to public and common use areas, as well as most dwelling units in newer apartment complexes.

Theres a misconception that handicap accessibility for apartments is related to ADA compliance, which its not. (Learn more here).

Common areas of newer apartment complexes with handicap accessible units are designed to accommodate renters in wheelchairs. Common area hallways are very wide, and light switches are lower. You can find ramp access to sidewalks, and elevators where needed to reach common areas.

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Being in a wheelchair does not have to hold you back from having an excellent quality of life, in your new home.

If you see that someone needs a little something you have seasoning, foil, charcoal by all mean, offer it to them if you can spare it. This kindness goes a long way to making new friends or improving your reputation (and you may need the favor returned someday).

One of the advantages of apartment living is the community grill. Its a great place to meet others while youre cooking out. With football season well underway, grilling out is a favorite weekend pastime.

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Youre ready to start your search for a new apartment. Youve selected the neighborhoods you like and made a budget so you know what you can afford. Now its time to narrow down your search by determining which apartment amenities you might need.

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Updated: 14 Mar 2018

Floorplans Sqft Info F/W S/S Yr
1 Bed   Bath $ 1270
1 Bed   Bath $ 5952
2 Bed   Bath $ 16
2 Bed   Bath $ 39
2 Bed   Bath $ 1270
4 Bed   Bath $ 5952
2 Bed  3 Bath $ 2025
3 Bed  3 Bath $ 2025
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  • Los Hermanos (66 ft)
  • La Dolce Vita Ristorante Italiano (154 ft)
  • Communal (536 ft)
  • Station 22 Cafe (598 ft)
  • Pho Plus (781 ft)
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